Poetry in Wrist Magazine

Wrist Magazine
My poem, THE PILINGS, is in this month's issue of Wrist Magazine. I was in Katie Downs restaurant on the waterfront, sipping a beer and eating their famous Fearless pizza with white sauce, (THE BEST!) when inspiration struck. 

I mention Katie Downs in the poem and they've since offered me a gift certificate. This gave me an idea. My next poem will be written inside the Le May Car Museum next to a vintage crush. Maybe I'll get lucky . . .


Here, Washington’s wheat
was scattered to the world
in grain sacks slung on shoulders.
Asia’s tea arrived in dark, carved chests.
Just to keep the pace, sawmills buzzed
throughout the night
peeling fresh-cut lumber.
Today, the rivers’ mouth now opens
on a gallery of trade where
men hoist railcars with machines
from ship to road and rail.
In intermodal yards,
container cranes
lug 20 foot-long boxes
filled with Chinese goods.
Somewhere just below
whales in rubber-skins
still pursue the seals while
seals pursue their salmon:
Coho, Sockeye and Chinook.
Restaurants dotting Ruston Way
watch out their windows,
guarding tired timbers
as new ships cut the Bay
sending sheets of water
underneath their hungry hordes.
I’m thankful for their old and steady bones

as I take another bite.

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